Pearl river piano company essay

Guangzhou is also one of the most important centers of foreign commerce in South China. They recruited experts in quality and foreign advisers from Germany and US. Pearl River is the first manufacturer in China to receive this award. It concluded with 1. Negative score means the company has weak ability to take advantage of industry changes, below industry average.

Technology development, PRP has automated machinery that is used in printing design. The Performance series also has a different action design, different rim design material spec and a great deal more hand work reflecting its position as the finest piano the company builds. In the intangible technology, The Company has integrated machinery designed by industrial specialist also they have got a research and development center for improvement of the instrument and monitoring the trends with consumer needs so as to have information in bringing new ideas of building distinctive keyboards and action layout.

It dominants the Japanese market with a PRP began to grow gradually in the mid s thanks to the Chinese economic reforms, which created a conducive environment for private enterprises.

Hailun is very capable in increasing brand reputation via celebrity endorsement marketing and event marketing.

The main strategic issue for us is to find the next source of revenue based on our competitive advantage.

After many attempts, Guangzhou technicians were finally satisfied with the tone color and quality of its first manufactured piano, and in a short time it was sold in Hong Kong. So there is a great potential of growth in this market.

The wood price has been continuously increasing over decades, which give wood suppliers a high bargaining power. Hailun has much less patents but it has advanced technology through OEM for international high-end brands and cooperation with Japanese piano makers to introduce the modernized production lines.

Later a shelter was built to process the wood. To integrate those procedures you have 2 choices: Recently HAILUN has just finished the construction of a new piano factory and a piano manufacturing technology centre.

Although the initial investment could be high, it can be easily solved with proper financing matrix and establishment of manufacturing facilities in emerging markets with relatively low labor cost and raw material cost. It is also due to the concentrated traditional market in Europe.

We identify the way to produce the piano as a key factor too: According to authoritative piano magazine BuyPiano, the quality and price ranking are classified into three main categories: Pearl River was one of the first Chinese piano companies to market pianos in the United States under its own company name and have been well accepted by piano teachers and tuners.

The slight differences lie in the design and sound quality of the pianos.

Pearl River Piano Group

PRP took advices from the best piano manufacturers and built a high-tech line production for 60 million dollars.

China became the first importer of piano with units in ; Nowadays the volume of imports are higher than the export.

This factory produced two models for the Pearl River Piano Group: It sets goals of achieving cost savings of 15 billion yen by improving utilization rates in existing production bases and cutting unit costs, especially through strengthening productivities in Chinese and Indonesian factories.

The group of employees produced only 13 pianos that year. It is something difficult and long to get. Connections with Yamaha, Steinway, and Hallet Davis[ edit ] Yamaha[ edit ] Yamaha formed a joint venture with Pearl River in to establish a factory to build pianos for the Chinese market.

Pearl River also recently was awarded ISOwhich is similar, but relates to environmental standards. Intensity of existing rivalry is high: Price is the real key factor. The customers have a large bargaining power which drives the margins of scale down. These three retail chains use their own brand name Henry F Miller, Christofori on the front of the pianos and in a couple of isolated cases feature slightly different specifications than the Pearl River brand models distributed by North American Music.

Pearl River is the best-selling piano brand in China, and is exported to more than countries. After a successful IPO inthe formerly government-owned company began construction of a new, state-of-the-art, million sq. ft. factory, to which it will complete a transition in Professional essay writing company, original academic papers, research papers, academic writing services, classroom assignments, expert essay writers, term paper writers, writing strategy.

Pearl River Piano Company Essay

Yuan, LPearl River Piano Group’s International strategy, Case study. WE ARE THE LEADING ACADEMIC ASSIGNMENTS WRITING. Pearl River is the best-selling piano brand in China, and is exported to more than countries.

Pearl River Piano Company

After a successful IPO inour formerly government-owned company completed construction of a new, state-of-the-art, million-sq.-ft. factory. The Pearl River Piano Group InPearl River became the first piano company in China to receive International Standards Association ISO Certification for its complete line of grand and vertical pianos, including all.

Pearl River Piano Group (PRPG) was established in by bringing together six small piano shops in Guangzhou. The group of employees produced only.

Pearl River Piano Group

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Pearl river piano company essay
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