An essay on the big oil companies in alaska

These shareholders are, by congressional restrictions, unable to avoid financial disaster by selling their stock. Village Corporations Section 8 a The Native residents of each Native village entitled to receive lands and benefits under this Act shall organize as a business for profit or nonprofit corporation.

Incame the discovery of the Ranger Field in Eastland County. It also may not be given away. But we don't look at it as defeat. An Alaska Native would automatically receive membership into this Native land organization when born. In an attempt to address the issue of informing stockholders of the corporation's conduct and position, newsletters and shareholder meetings are common.

Conveyance of title to the 44 million acres is taking much longer than anyone anticipated. The payment was to occur over an eleven-year period. It cannot be sold or used as collateral against a loan. The field soon was extended to Kilgore, Longview, and northward. Sean Parnell says it's now time for the oil industry to increase its investment in oil field projects that create jobs for Alaskans.

Alaskans Keep Industry-Friendly Oil Tax

Transferring ownership of stock is only possible through inheritance, divorce, and child support. Congress also placed a twenty-year restriction on stock transfers.

List of largest oil and gas companies by revenue

And if so, how. A similar process has occurred with the smaller village corporations. To help the shareholder enlist in a regional and village corporation, a set of priorities were set up for enrollment. This was the first salt dome oil discovery, and thousands of barrels of oil flowed before the well could be capped.

All of the groups played roles of varying importance in formulating the compromise package known as ANCSA. The Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act is unique in that traditional Native lands are not retained by the traditional government of the Native group. Under the terms of Section 7 jthe village corporations are to receive half of Section 7 i money that goes to their respective regional corporations.

A problem that often arises, however, is that shareholder meetings and newsletters may ignore past failures and present difficulties. Presley, campaign manager for Vote Yes. Section 2 b the settlement should be accomplished rapidly, with certainty, in conformity with the real economic and social needs of Natives, without litigation, with maximum participation by Natives in decisions affecting their rights and property, without establishing any permanent racially defined institutions, rights, privileges, or obligations, without creating a reservation system or lengthy wardship or trusteeship, and without adding to the categories of property and institutions enjoying special tax privileges or to the legislation establishing special relationships between the United States Government and the State of Alaska; It was hoped that a congressional settlement would avoid lengthy court proceedings over Native claims.

First of all, these areas tend to expand. This section states that, with one exception which will be addressed later, all reserves and reservations in Alaska were ended when ANCSA passed. Section 19 b Notwithstanding any other provision of law or of this Act, any Village Corporation or corporations may elect within two years to acquire surface estates in any reserve set aside for the use or benefit of its stockholders or members prior to the date of enactment of this Act.

If you are quoting figures or studies, please provide a link through to the original source. Alaska Natives will be able to address these issues more easily if AFN's eight resolutions are passed by Congress.

This section established the Regional Corporation as an overseer of the village corporation during the first five years of their existence. We have ships in place to tow them on to different routes. Setup times can and do double. ANWR oil would be too little too late. This subsection has often been informally called the "Aleut provision.

That legislation, Senate Bill 74also included a section requiring the state health department to hire a "third-party vendor" to verify the eligibility of applicants for welfare and other assistance programs. Congress waved a very big stick with this provision. What were the reasons for developing this unique structure of intercorporation sharing.

In the absence of good cause shown to the contrary, such regions shall approximate the areas covered by the operations of the following existing Native associations: Mostly Greenpeace says it is concerned about the company's unpreparedness to contain any accident.

Apparently the idea of regional corporations was first officially considered by the Alaska Land Task Force in The Chukchi is shallow. The term aboriginal is derived from a Latin word which literally means "from the beginning.

Oil caused that well to be abandoned, but a company formed in drilled several producing oil wells. The first well-equipped refinery in Texas was built in Corsicana inand this plant, which shipped its first production inusually is called the state’s first refinery, despite the earlier efforts.

When oil companies like Shell did venture to the waters off Alaska several years ago, oil went for more than $ a barrel. That made all the extra costs involved in drilling at the edge of the. The company announced a two-part transaction with oil giant BP in which it would sell % of its interest in the Clair Field in the U.K.

North Sea to BP in exchange for a % stake in the. The super rich Oil Lobby seems quite helpless in the face of the public anger generated against the roughshod environmental treatment by Big Oil. Contempt Towards Environment by Big Oil These companies will find out that trying to fight back (like the Financial Industry) against public opinion might backfire for them.

Sincefrom 5% to 7% of Alaska North Slope (map, left, from USGS) oil was exported, about half of it to South Korea and the rest to China and Japan. Those exports ceased inand since then all Alaskan crude has gone to the US, mostly through Washington and California refineries.

Six years ago today, the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill occurred in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico with devastating effects on the local environment and on public perception of offshore oil and gas drilling.

An essay on the big oil companies in alaska
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An essay on the big oil companies in alaska